HS Solo and Ensemble

February 3, 2020
Congratulations to all band members who participated in HS solo and ensemble on January 25,2020.  These students had the confidence to prepare solo pieces or small ensembles and perform them for judges. 
Superior Ratings (I)
Sarah Bonnet- French horn solo
Amy Hissrich- Vocal solo
Chris Gallagher- Snare drum solo 
Olivia Forro- Baritone solo
Elsa Bretz- Clarinet solo
Ava Bretz- Piano solo
Saxophone Quintet consisting of Paige Funkhouser, Kimmy Dallas, Brody Roman, Carson Phillips, and Jacob Bolt
Excellent Ratings (II)
Heid Hull- Bell solo
Paige Funkhouser- Alto sax solo
Cori Matusik- Bass clarinet solo
Cheyenne Dallas- Flute solo
Chris Gallagher- Marimba solo
Kyle Turley- Clarinet solo
Ella Alexander- Flute solo
Elsa Bretz- Piano solo
Good Ratings (III)
Jacob Bolt- Bari sax solo
Amy Hissrich- Trumpet solo
Jacob Bolt- Alto sax solo
Percussion Ensemble consisting of Heidi Hull, Andy Statler, Hannah Ellis, Rylan Luyster, Hayley Hull, and Anjyl Brereton
Fair Ratings (IV)
Carson Phillips- Tenor sax solo
Madi Winland- Clarinet solo
Festival Performance- Clarinet Ensemble consisting of Kyle Turley, Jessica McCormick, Madi Winland, Anjyl Brerton, and Cori Matusik