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PLTW High School Classes 


Courses offered, descriptions, and pictures 


Engineering Essentials - Students explore the breadth of engineering career opportunities and experiences as they solve engaging and challenging real-world problems like creating a natural relief center system or creating a solution to improve the safety and well-being of local citizens.

Taught by Mrs. Jaime Swallie


Introduction to Engineering and Design - Students dig deep into the engineering design process, applying math, science, and engineering standards to hands-on projects like designing a new toy or improving an existing product. Students become proficient in a professional computer-aided design software program by Autodesk. 

Taught by Mrs. Brittany Falbo


Principles of Engineering - Students explore how modern engineers help improve the world through diverse engineering fields, such as product design, mechanical design, infrastructure, and sustainability. Students learn and use some of the cutting-edge tools engineers use in robotics, 3D modeling, programming, and prototyping. 

Taught by Mrs. Brittany Falbo


Digital Electronics - Students explore the foundations of computing by engaging in circuit design processes to create combinational logic and sequential logic (memory) as electrical engineers do in industry.

Taught by Mrs. Brittany Falbo


Computer Integrated Manufacturing - Students discover and explore manufacturing processes, product design, robotics, and automation, and then they apply what they have learned to design solutions for real-world manufacturing problems.

Taught by Mrs. Brittany Falbo


Rochester Institute of Technology College Credit - Students who complete the High School level engineering courses with an 85% or higher and pass their end-of-course exam will be eligible for college credit through RIT. Students do have to pay for their three college credits but it is minimal compared to the price of college credits at RIT. These credits are also transferable to most colleges and universities.

Here’s a picture of our students who received college credit during the 2022 - 2023 school year.


All of our engineering courses participate in a variety of competitions throughout the year. 


Below are pictures of the Sumo bot competition this year at Kent State Tuscarawas campus

2023 Regional Bridge Building Competition

Alternate Energy Competition

Alternate Energy Competition