New Students

Union Local School District Enrollment
Please follow the steps below:
1. Call the designated building to schedule a time to come in to the office.
    High School- 740-782-1181
    Middle School- 740-782-1388
    Elementary School- 740-782-1384
2. Bring the following required documentation with you.
    * Child's Birth Certificate
    * Child's Current Immunization Records
    * Proof of Residency - Utility Bill, Rent Receipt, Mortgage Papers, Property Tax Bill, Deed, etc. 
      If subleasing or sharing a residence, a residency affidavit is required.
    * Proof of Custody(if needed)- A certified copy of any applicable order or decree, or modification of such an order or
      decree, allocating parental rights and responsibilities for the care of a child and designating a residential parent 
      and legal custodian of the child; a copy of a power of attorney or caretake authorization affidavit, if either has been
      executed in accordance with Ohio's Grandparent Caretaker Law.  
     * Child's IEP, ETR, or 504 Plan(if needed)
3. Once all required documents are received and your child is approved for enrollment, please do the following:
     * Go to and create an account
     * Go to Add Student using their Last Name, Grade Level, D.O.B, and Student Number(the office will give you this)
     * Once added refresh your page then click on your students name on the left hand side.
     * Click on each form that needs to be submitted. Once the form is completed click the "Save and Submit" button. 
                              If you have and problems or questions please call your designated school building